Iulia Vantur Spotted With Salman Khan's Mom, Marriage On Cards?

Salman Khan is sending a wide range of right vibes as far his affection for Iulia Vantur is concerned. Right from having her present at the vast majority of his open air shoots, global voyages (the pair were seen in Dubai in the recent past) to personal family functions (Iulia was an exclusive visitor at Salman's 50th birthday bash), Salman has ensured that Iulia is taken care of in the most unique way that is available. Furthermore, Miss Vantur is certain responding with equivalent charitableness.


Iulia was spotted leaving the Mumbai airport terminal yesterday night joined by Salman's mom, Salma and his sister Alvira Agnihotri. What made for a cute sight to watch was the way Iulia held her hand out to offer backing to Salma who was strolling with the guide of stick. They were coming back from Punjab where Salman was caught up with recording the last leg of Sultan's shoot. Salman Khan comes back to Mumbai with reputed sweetheart Iulia Vantur, mother Salma Khan, see pics.


While Iulia has been a part of Salman's family for a long time now, it is just as of late one began seeing more obvious appearances of the pair together on online networking and other platforms. With Salman endeavoring to conceal Iulia from the general public look and the woman herself holding big time with the Khan family, hypotheses are as of now overflowing that a marriage could soon be on the cards for Salman. Grapevine whispers propose that the wedding could well occur before the end of this current year and declaration would happen post the arrival of his film, Sultan.

Prior to the ladies left, Salman advanced out and stayed situated in his car sitting tight for the ladies people of his family to arrive. A mindful Iulia strolled close by Salma holding her hand tightly as they advanced towards their waiting car. Furthermore, the Romanian beauty ensured the septuagenarian was tucked away inside alright before helping herself in.


Salman, who is a dear companion to Preity Zinta, plans to formally acquaint Iulia with all his industry peeps at the wedding bash tonight. Truth be told, this would be their first official public appearance together as a couple which clarifies why we are so excited. Nonetheless, notwithstanding making things official, word is that the couple has chosen to arrive in separate cars at the gathering – the reason best not known.


Indian Hot MMS Scandal With A Twist !

This particular video is that of a MMS scandal in a bathroom. Let's check out what exactly happens after a desi hot girl enters a bathroom to bathe. A camera is set up in the bathroom to film her. The video is released by Maaya Aarts International.


The girl enters into the bathroom to have a bath. She is wearing a black top and pink shorts having white spots all over it. As soon as she enters the bathroom, she opens the tap. The water starts to fall in the bucket below. As the water collects in the bucket, the girls takes a look into the mirror that is present above the wash basin. At first she removes her top and then she takes off the shorts she is wearing. Again takes a look at herself in the mirror. Ties up her hair and puts a hair clip to it.

Just when the viewer thinks that she would take off her remaining clothes; a twist takes place. You would be completely surprised by what happens next. The girl starts to speak. She says that now you would think that I would remove my panty and after that top. But later she clears that nothing of this sort would happen.

The girl in the video mentions that she would turn off the tap to avoid water wastage. Then gives the message that many in our country do not have adequate water. She requests all the viewers to save water because it is priceless. Unexpected twist! Right?

Amid summers, it is surely understood that the status of groundwater subsides and it could be kept up by recharging. What's more, if individuals get to be active and alarm over the issue and further make ideal utilization of assets like lakes in rustic pockets by the dynamic investment of villagers, the circumstance can be managed expeditiously.

Executive engineer, Ground Water Department, HB Samvedi, says: "Rainwater improves the quality of groundwater through dilution when recharged to groundwater." He added that active participation of masses and efforts by both government and individuals can bring the desired results.


Asserting that inhabitants of the city have turned out to be entirely mindful about the exhausting status of groundwater level and further endeavoring endeavors to preserve the water as far as diving little lakes in provincial zones or introducing rooftop top water gathering systems at both small and enormous structures, the authorities of office has been attempting endeavors to bring individuals on normal stage and teach them about the measures that are valuable in monitoring ground water level.




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