Office technology survey

Let us see about the technology in an office scenario with respect to CRB Tech Reviews.


Grace Digital’s Primo Wi-Fi Media Streamer


A new promo Wi Fi technology was released by the leading Grace Digital Company for wireless communication. Over 50000 radio stations has been lined up by Grace Digital in the latest update it has also provided podcast and on order content straight to users' existing stereo or powered speakers. Pandora, Live365, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, or saved music from a PC or Mac are all services are all provided with a WI FI connection.


USB Air Purifier and Fan

The Ideal home or office friend technology is satechi’s USB Air Purifier and Fan. It provides a cool and a comfortable environment with 2 in 1 fan and purifier which removes all the irritations. It is portable and provides free air circulation anywhere and is used especially in closed rooms. It is quite quiet without any disturbance, but gives hundred percent air circulations.


USB Air Purifier and Fan

This technology helps in turning on or off the devices which are not nearby for instance, if you are at home and forgot to of your PC or AC then you can off it from home through this device. It uses a WiFi connection for TV, lamps, computers and more. It is to use free download the WE MO app and then plug it into the switch and then play with the app. It is possible to operate any device in a smart way using this app on your smart phone. Mobile internet connection can be used for scheduling time to the devices. The final touch of this CRB Tech Reviews is for exploring the knowledge related to technology.

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