.Net improvements and features

The renewal and restarts of the new transformation is possible by terminating the use of .net 4. And these reducing system starts during .NET 4.5 installations and that is what CRB tech reviews are all about.It is applicable for more than 2 GB arrays on 64 bits platform.

The <gcAllowVery Large Objects> acts as a Scrutineer for restrictions on object size and the size of the array.A background garbage collection of servers is possible and it has better performance. The background garbage collection is automatically enabled with the garbage collection of .net framework 4.5.


Multiple core processors help in improving the application performance and it is done with Background Just in Time Compilation.


The time taken to resolve a regular expression by the regular expression engine before the time limit is the amazing factor over here.


·         Application domain maintaining a default culture and it is an amazing ability.


·         (UTF-16 encoding) is the console support available at .net 4.5.


·         Cultural string ordering and data comparison support versions are also available.


·         Resources can be got back due to better performances.


·         Compressed file size reduction is also possible due to improvement in the Zip.


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