Let us see about the distinction between ASP and ASP.NET

Procedure Isolation

Here in these CRB Tech reviews we are going to refer about the difference between ASP and ASP.NET. ASP is run under the inetinfo.exe (IIS) process area and is therefore vulnerable to program accidents due to IIS being ceased or re-booted.On the other hand, the ASP.NET employee process is a unique process (aspnet_wp.exe) individual from the IIS process inetinfo.exe. The procedure design in ASP.NET is irrelevant to process solitude configurations in IIS.


Interpretation vs. Compilation

When a conventional ASP web page is asked for, the published text of that web page is parsed linearly. All material that is not a server - side program is delivered as-is returning to the reaction. All server-side programs in the site are first run through the appropriate translator (JScript or VBScript), the outcome of which is then delivered returning to the reaction.


In comparison, ASP.NET Web Pages are always collected into .NET sessions located within the devices. This category contains all of the server-side rule and the fixed HTML, so once a web page is utilized for initially (or any web page within a particular listing is accessed), the following makes of that web page is maintained by performing collected rule. This removes all the issues of the scripting, design of conventional ASP and that is what CRB Tech Reviews is all about.

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