The Amazing Android Smart Phone

The best part about Android is that there are a lot of options. The most terrifying part about the Android operating program is that there are a lot of options and that is what CRB Tech reviews is all about. There are just too many rattling cellular cell cellular phones to choose from!

You've got metal cellular phones, affordable cellular cell cellular phones, cellular mobile phones with a higher top great quality than your TV, and smart phones as big as your head. You don't need to know what every part available on the market does, you just need to know what the best ones are.

There were many deserving Android operating program operating program items this season, but a few divided itself for their excellent design, awesome value, awesome elements, or fantastic program. These are the best Android-based items of the season.

Best all-around smartphone

I use my smart phone for everything: reading, writing, focusing on music, getting co-workers, gabbing with friends, and taking photographs of my cat. The HTC One (M8) does all of these things really well. It has awesome development and materials not printed by other phones this year, an awesome 5-inch 1080p display, fast Snapdragon 801 processor, and excellent battery energy pack. The front-facing stations program speakers provide unrivaled audio top top great quality. Its 5 mega-pixel front-facing digicam takes excellent selfies, and the two back cameras, while disappointingly low-resolution, work excellent in low mild and can produce awesome depth-of-field effects.

The One (M8) isn’t slowed down by bloatware, either. The extra added applications and features that HTC offers with its major cell phone are worth using, and its most recent program upgrade provides a restored digicam app with the “Eye experience,” such as a few new funs capturing ways. It also helps that HTC has been both reliable and clear about its routine for Android program up-dates.


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