Android L Material Design

Exposed in this summer this year at the Look for engines I/O, Android os Lollipop or L (5.0) has been finally mixed out for most major devices working search engines stock and that is what CRB Tech reviews is all about.

Performance-wise, the most significant change that comes along with Android L is os Play-back (ART), which changes Dalvik as the application playback environment - which generally converts requirements into working programs. Let's keep away from the technological factors and take a look at the other new features that come with this version.

Material design

Probably the greatest noticeable change that will give Android L a unique look is the discharge of Material Design. The idea behind Material Design is to make sure its customers get a more interesting and delicate user interface. Activity, transformation, color and response now form the central source to move in android L. The official Look for engines blog said: "Now content responds to your contact and changes between tasks are more liquid."

The three main application touch shows display key elements are now in geometrical shapes: a pie (back button), a group (home) and a rectangle (recent activity). The product pictures have also been recharged. Clients will also notice a new compacted key-board. And moreover, every app jolt or comes out of somewhere.

Better battery

When Android L was announced, there were some questions about its performance and back-up on devices apart from the Nexus 6, which will come pre-loaded with the latest version of Android working system. How would devices like the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 modify to the update? All these problems have been set to rest by Search engines Venture Volta - a feature that not only comes with a new battery energy pack, preserving technique, but also assures to provide at least 90 minutes of the extra energy pack when its preserving technique is on. The system motivates the customer about its levels as soon they reach below 15 %. Customers can also choose to let the preserving technique start on its own when battery gets to critical levels. We in these CRB Tech reviews have been providing quality based information only for the candidates

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