Latest Technology in Year 2015

Smart Phone and Projector Screen

Enough exciting idea intelligent phone Smart Throw was provided at the meeting Lenovo Technical World, organised in China and here in these CRB Tech reviews we would like to refer about the latest technolog. The company Lenovo made the decision to provide a intelligent phone the laser device projector and the Projector screen the Key-board. To do this, developed the stylish technological innovation solution – switching procedure with a program of showcases, predicting the picture on any smooth working area, and foldable feet by means of the digicam band. All together it possible to turn to the screen a area of the desk and make it not only as keyboard. The digicam together with the projector allows you to track the activity of the user’s fingertips on the outer lining area and respond to them. Thus, it is possible not only to type, but also to play a game. Of course, there is a lot of questions about the independence of the program, but the idea is still the great.


Time Capsule

The young developer developed an alternative to the traditional timepieces with circular switch, known as Time tablets. As the name indicates, the watch has a show by means of supplements, in which the customer can quickly decrypt the time, minutes and a few moments, the range of which is designated surfaces.  It is an connections between efforts and area collected in Time tablets, where time moves consistently. The idea symbolizes mixture of beauty and contemporary forms

Time tablets come in two versions: 1-Capsule and 2-Capsule. What the components used for the production of time, the developer does not discuss. Perhaps this is titanium, which is often found in the style of recent devices.


Eco Capsule and Autonomous Mobile Phone

If tents and sleeping-bags are not for you, and you would like to have more convenience when experiencing the outside,you will most likely have to flavor the real convenient home, called Ecocapsule. Ecocapsule – it is energy-efficient home in a lightweight type. It brings together energy-efficient type, lightweight, stand-alone abilities with the high-class of a warm bed, hot water and food preparation.

Unique framework is not so much in its lightweight, both with regards to amazing independence. Small the real estate complicated It does not require public power source and other emails, because the home is prepared with a wind turbine at 750 W residential solar power sections, rain water selection systems, and purification. If we discuss style, Ecocapsule appears like a innovative egg. It is easy enough to move – as an common movie trailer (dimensions of construction: 446.8 to 240.7 to 248.7 cm), so you can always quickly change one wonderful position on another. Venture designers have proven inventiveness and published on 8 rectangle metres of internal area bed, drain, screen, bathroom, kitchen and lockers. And even free position left. Moreover, on convenience did not be skimpy – ground and roof of Ecocapsule are designed with timber. About other features of the home and the price is not yet known. It is predicted that Ecocapsule go on sale in 2016. Thus our reviews in CRB Tech has been completed successfully.  

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