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Here in our CRB Tech reviews we would like to refer about the future technology which is going to change the world

Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop computer is a (miserably) unsuccessful item due to the point that arms could get very exhausted with extended use, but Jump Movement wants to task this black area again with a more innovative concept. It allows you management the desktop computer with fingertips, but without in contact with the display.

It’s not your typical motion indicator, as Jump Movement allows you to search the website, zoom capability in the map and images, indication documentss and even perform a first person shooting activity with only side and side motions. The sleek response is the most essential key point here. Even more important, you can own this upcoming with just $70, a price of a top quality PS3 activity title!

Eye Tribe

If this system could absolutely work with Oculus Rift to imitate a real-time activity playing encounter, activity playing is going to get a significant make-over.

Eye monitoring has been definitely mentioned by technological innovation lovers throughout these years, but it’s really complicated to apply. But Eye Group actually did this. They efficiently designed the technological innovation to allow you to management your product, perform journey simulation, and even piece fruits and vegetables in Fruits Ninja only with your eye motions.

Smart Things

It’s generally taking the typical eye-tracking technological innovation and mixing it with a front-facing digicam plus some serious computer-vision criteria, and bam !, fruit cutting done with the eyes! A stay trial was done in LeWeb this year and we may actually be able to see it in in activity in cellular phones in 2013.

Currently the company is still looking for collaboration to carry this sci-fi technical into the customer market but you and I know that this item is simply too amazing to don't succeed. Thus our CRB Tech reviews has been completed successfully.

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