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   It is your mission to make our readers aware of the technologies which are best for you. In addition to this we’re trying to make you aware about the latest trends and launches in the world of the technologies. This CRB tech review will provide you enough information about the latest mobile and which mobile to prefer.

   In todays market, when you have the number of choices, to avoid the confusion, it is necessary for the purchaser to be aware of the best technology mobile. It will help you to avoid the manipulation in the market.

   The iPhone 6 is the best phone till date, even if it is costly, it is worthy of paying such a high price. The advanced technology is demonstrated in the best possible way, so as to make more it user-friendly. Let’s get the detail knowledge about this amazing mobile phone.

   What's made the iPhone so effective is its combination of easy to understand straightforwardness with an adequately propelled capacities and a wonderful, satisfying configuration. The iPhone 6 grabs where the 5s left off with another bigger 4.7-inch show, enormously enhanced battery life and slimmer body than at any other time in recent memory some time recently. It may not be the most elevated specced-model available, yet evidently, none of the others verge on a triumphant blend of looks and usefulness.


With the iPhone 6, no characteristic stands out, yet the blend shows Apple at the end of the day doing what it specializes in: reinventing and repackaging existing thoughts into another, enhanced iPhone that hits adversaries out of the competition.


Dimensions 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm Screen 4.7" Weight 129g Storage 16GB/64GB/128GB Processor A8 64 bit Camera Front-facing:1.2MP Rear-confronting: 8MP.

   This CRB Tech review will be very beneficial for the users to know the features of the best mobile phone available in the market i.e. iPhone

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