What can I expect from Android M in 2015?

Google is predicted to reveal its next mobile and tablet os version, currently stated to be known as it when released in a designer review (like Android os L for Lollipop) and that is what our reviews in CRB Tech is all about. The company recently while exposing its 2-day routine for the I/O meeting unintentionally exposed a little information of this in the Android os for Perform Upgrade period on Day 1. Further verifying rumors about an upcoming statement on it, Search engines soon after eliminated the mention in the Android os for Perform Upgrade period on Day 1 routine.

The Android os for Perform period information read, "Android M is bringing the power of Android os to all kinds of office buildings. This reveals huge new markets for millions of gadgets to employees at little company, deskless employees, strategies and warehousing jobs; all be motivated by adopting of Android os gadgets at Perform."

A recent flow even stated that Search engines can declare a new update guarantee for Nexus gadgets at the I/O 2015. According to a report, Nexus gadgets will get program update for two decades and security areas for three decades from the date of OS release.

Other features predicted to make it into it include multi-screen and multi-window performance, as well as a Theme engine, both of which have seen limited addition in AOSP (Android Open Source Project) in the past and we've even seen some major producers like New samsung, Sony, and HTC applying in their own ways. Of course, more focus on the Android os for Perform front, is also predicted to be presented.

New Chromecast

It's been a while since Search engines first exposed its HDMI media loading stick, the Search engines Chromecast, back in 2013. Multiple up-dates to the components are required to boost the data transfer useage of the dongle, let's say Chromecast 2, that will enable it to support the numerous new movie abilities on the rise - such as 4K and 3D movie. The declared Android os TV feature to use Android os mobile phones as remotes may also be presented for the Chromecast 2 at the meeting, together with iOS smart phone interface. Thus our CRB Tech reviews have been concluded.

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