Small Frameworks in .NET with 5 Points 

Today the .NET Little Framework team is releasing a try out update of the Framework SDK that leads to support for Visual Studio 2013 and that is what to be mentioned in these CRB Tech reviews. The release also contains other improvements that will benefit developers and elements affiliates, making the set up and update experience better.

You can obtain the Framework SDK 4.3.1 (SDK R2 Beta) update from our Codeplex website. Please try it out, provide opinions and begin resulting in the 100 % free project.

 Supporting for Visual Studio 2013

·        The .NET Little Framework SDK now helps it. That’s welcome news, since we’ve heard many requirements for this support.

·        In the process of creating the SDK into this technology, we applied a new architectural technique that decouples the same. You can now use the version that works best for you or several versions at once.

·        Its Little Framework space room development is provided via a space room VSIX package, which is individual of a particular series.

·        The new technique also helps elements affiliates.

·        The elements suppliers can now support several versions with a given piece of elements and firmware. That also makes easier the overall experience for app developers, too.

It is looking ahead and has already started to allow support for the 14th version. There still is more work to do to fully support it but you can already give it a try if you are an early adopter.


It is developed by Microsoft organization Company specialists assigned to Start Technology and by others in the maker team. Components makers are able to use the .NET Little Framework rule from the Codeplex project without any additional certification or paying any fee to this organization. Thus our reviews in CRB Tech have concluded.

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