Isocase Defends Your Smart Phone in a Smart Way

Here’s an interesting smart phone situation with a hilariously tangential message and that is what our CRB Tech reviews is all about. Isominds statements that their item will secure your cellphone, but actually its main attract is giving you a bigger screen and battery power. In other words, the situation turns your cellphone into an item. That’s like making a pair of denims and contacting it a smart phone situation.

It is a foolish international airport item just like the Padfone. It has a 10,000mAh battery power and a 7.9″ 2048×1536 IPS show. The distinction here is that – apparently – the situation will secure your cellphone from effects, scrapes, dirt and h2o. The touch screen show will also be secured by Gorilla Cup.

Another crucial distinction here is that it will allegedly support many samsung Universe and iPhone models

It resolves the two main problems with all mobile phones - low battery and breakability. It converts your common smart phone into ‘The Beast’, a full-sized ultra-durable tablet.

Isominds statements it will give you an Isocase as a compensation for promising at least $149 (USD) on Indiegogo. But once again I implore you to wait for proof of the actual item or at least its model before you hand your money over. This is one of those products that just seem too good to be true, though I’d love to be proven wrong. Thus our reviews in CRB Tech have been completed over here.

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