140 characters are just a milestone for twitter

CRB Tech reviewsare for exploring the information about the latest technology. What could have made Twitter develop beyond being just a micro-blogging, public networking website and relent on its tight 140-character restrict - at least for immediate texting services?

But why this unexpected decision?

With increasing reputation of immediate texting systems like WhatsApp and Facebook, professionals encounter Twitter's choice was to keep its clients satisfied and the website aggressive.

"Micro-blogging is the primary identification of Tweets. They must be getting reviews from the customers to improve the duration of the immediate information from 140 figures," Rishi Tejpal, major analysis specialist at Gartner, informed IANS.

"I think the Tweets choice shows its desire to broaden into different websites using current facilities," Tejpal included.

"We've done a lot to enhance immediate information over previous year and have much more interesting work in the near future. One change arriving in this July that we want to make you conscious of now is the elimination of the 140 personality restrict in immediate information," one of the Tweets designers had written.

"Twitter has been improving its functions with a concentrate on its immediate texting. Raising the restrict is going to be incredibly useful for manufacturers to not only manage client problems but in delighting clients," Sumana Samuk, online marketing administrator, Litehouse, an encounter style house under Harman Worldwide.

Increasing the personality restrict will definitely provide more versatility.

"It will be a unique, “said Sachin Doon, co-founder, Electronic Research and Technological innovation Alternatives. "On the beneficial part, it could be used by companies as well, like such as item publication too in immediate information," Doon informed IANS.


"On the other part I encounter it good for those who still love to create illustrative letter-like things to each other, people might actually start to use appropriate sentence structure and punctuation."

Inversely, customers will also find it practical to achieve out to manufacturers from any place.

"Brands have qualified and incorporated their group to deal with client interaction. Now Twitter's immediate texting support will come to their save. They can have one-on-one discussions, they can have clients' personal information, since the support will use Twitter's system," Samuk included. Thus our reviews in CRB Tech have been completed over here.

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