Support LGBT and Come Up with Flying Colors


It’s been a big 7 days for LGBT privileges — the top judge has decided in favor of same-sex wedding, and London, uk Pleasure is about to occur. And it’s very simple to enjoy on public networking, by switching your Facebook or MySpace and Tweets information images into the spectrum banner and here in CRB Tech reviews we would like to refer about the same.

If you go to Face book’s unique Celebrate Pleasure web page while you’re signed in, it’ll instantly get your image, add a spectrum shade, and give you the choice of making it into your information image. (You get a opportunity to have a look before you make — so you can go to the site to see what it looks like and not choose to use it.)

You can, of course, use that same means for Tweets, if you don’t mind using your Facebook or MySpace information picture. Once you’ve set your new Facebook or MySpace information image, you can obtain it and re-upload it to Tweets — looking after both quickly.

Otherwise, Tweets is a little more complex. You can quickly add a little spectrum ribbons — or anything else — using the site Twibbon, which will overlay any of a large number of small decals onto your information picture. Unfortunately, there’s no simple way of copying the social website impact with your Tweets image. Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here have come to a conclusion.

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