Amazing Experiences of the Candidate

Candidate Experience

I would like to share my training period experience in this organization through these CRB Tech reviews. The training provided with regards to soft skills ad sector training are very much excellent as they are providing on the judge training along with stay tasks and we were also given group discussion and team conversations were performed for us to deal with if we are about to experience the same in the real interviews then we can have a breakthrough in it.

This assessment is all about when I signed up with this organization for interview I never considered this option will change my way of life completely I was uncertain to start with however my option got paid off in financial crisis also there were no jobs available for fresher’s during 08-09 and pressure from parents was improving as we had spent nearly 5 lac in MBA knowledge but no positions. My friends were also looking for job but inquired about CRB Tech with only one question will they really offer us jobs?

My interval was for four months in this organization and these four months in this company was just like a look of heaven and that is what my assessmebt is all about. The department inculcated concepts within me which got unfolded as I got exposed to the outside world. Those principles have improved me efficiency. Many a periods I see torts happening in the corporation but I find out myself apart from the mob.

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