Top Five Tools for Creating InfoGraphics

Infographic Tools

CRB Tech Reviews that for all the importance we position on text, it's a concept images are prepared in the mind quicker than words. Hence the increase and increase of the infographic which, at its best, converts complicated information into design that is both simple to understand and creatively attractive. No wonder journal visitors and web visitors love them.

We've selected our favorites here. They're all free, or offer free editions. Let us know which ones you get on best with

1. Vizualize

After the success of our post on an infographic ‪résumé, it was only a matter of your energy and effort before this infographic ‪résumé creator turned up. You can imagine your continue in one click

2. Google Developers

Google graph tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. You can choose from a wide range of charts and set up a comprehensive set of options to completely match the look and feel of your web page. By linking your information immediately, Search engines Designers is the perfect infographic creator for your web page.


This 100 % free web-based infographic device provides you a number of 100 % free layouts to start you off, which are quickly customizable.

4. Piktochart

Piktochart is an infographic and demonstration device helping you to turn tedious information into interesting infographics with just a few mouse clicks. Piktochart personalized manager lets you do things like change color techniques and print styles, place pre-loaded design and post primary forms and images. Its lines covered layouts also keep it uncomplicated to arrange visual elements and re-size images proportionally. There's a free edition offering three primary styles, while a pro account costs $29 per month or $169 for a year.

5. is a great free device which provides access to a wide range of charts, charts and charts as well as the ability to post images and video clips to create cool infographics.

Customizing the information that makes up the infographic occurs in an Excel style worksheet and can quickly be modified, watching the software instantly change the look of the infographic to completely signify your information. When you're happy with your infographic you can post it to the Infogram web page for all to enjoy and even include it in to your own web page or share it via social networking.

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