Why Salman wants  Bajrangi Bhaijaan  Tax Free?   

Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan on Weekend said he wants his recently-released movie "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" to be created tax-free.

"It has to be tax 100 % free. We want government to generate income from this (film), but the government should put that cash for the improvement of the community, so that there is improvement. But if that does not occur, then the movie has to be created tax 100 % free," Salman said in a meeting in Mumbai on Weekend. Directed by Kabir Khan, "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" is about a little Pakistani lady, who drops her way on the Indo-Pak boundary and discovers herself in Indian. Salman discovers the lady and requires it upon himself to re-unite her with her close relatives in Pakistan.

Salman has advised Primary Reverend Narendra Modi and his Pakistani version Nawaz Sharif to look at the movie for a "social cause". The movie celebrity took to tweets saying, "Would lv n regard if the management of Indo-Pak see Bajrangi Bhaijaan bcoz lv for kids is above all limitations @narendramodi #nawazsharif." "I want them to see the movie...I want all the other management to look at it. It is a beneficial movie. I want everyone... the leads of the nation to look at this movie. As they are working with this issue and may be their minds and hearts will burn. Until time I don't get reaction I will keep tweeting about it," Salman said.

Praising the public networking, Salman said those who use in a bad way must be taken to process. "I think public networking is charming. There are a few individuals, who take benefits in a very adverse way...that is dreadful and it has to be ceased. They should be taken to process as later on it makes issue. So there has to be a law approved for it," he included. 

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