Oracle seeks Permission to Update Copyright lawsuit against Google

Oracle Gets Permission to Update Copyright Lawsuit against Google

CRB Tech reviews that Oracle Corp has asked a U.S. assess for authorization to upgrade its trademark assess action against Google Inc to include the Android working program working body industry popularity.

The move by Oracle is its first since the U.S. Superior Court allowed the situation to continue and indicates the lawsuits could be far from over.

The monitored situation involves how much trademark protection should increase to Java programing terminology, which Google used to design its Android working program smart phone operating system.

Google's Android working program operating system is the world's best-selling smart phone system. Oracle charged Google five years ago and is seeking approximately $1 billion dollars in trademark claims.

Oracle said it wants to upgrade the trademark assess action, registered in Oct 2010, to add that Google continues its trademark violation through modified editions of Android working program in both existing and new markets and this is leading to harm to Oracle and benefit to Google.

"The record of the first trial does not reflect any of these improvements in the marketplace, including Google considerably improved industry position in online search engine advertising and the overall financial results from its continuing and extended violation," Oracle had written in a letter to Judge Bill Alsup on Wednesday.

A Google representative dropped to opinion.

CRB Tech reviews that last month, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an is attractive court's judgment that allows Oracle to seek certification fees for the use of some of the Java terminology. Google had said it should be able to use Java without paying a fee.


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