Will Phantom Break Bajrangi Bhaijaan Trailer Record?

Phantom Trailer Launch

If Bajrangi Bhaijaan is being confirmed in India and Pakistan as the film that's cementing India-Pakistan connections, its movie director Kabir Khan's future film may just be a bitter tablet for Pakistan to take. Because it has Saif Ali Khan playing Daniyal, the guy who guarantees to get into the house of Hariz Saeed and destroy him.

But the film does not quite take the path of seductively while displaying who its bad guys are. It is of course, Hariz Saeed, a man who looks uncannily like Jama'at-ud-Da'wah main Hafiz Saeed, the main charged in the 26/11 Mumbai explosions.

As we know, Saeed exists in Pakistan and Indian has not been able to carry him to rights for planning the strikes that took the lifestyles of many.

Since Bollywood starts where truth finishes, this new Kabir Khan film reveals Saif Ali Khan, playing an Indian agent, trying to carry down Saeed. Hariz Saeed that is.

Kabir Khan tweeted the first formal film trailer of Phantom last Weekend, following up on the strong film poster shared last week. While the poster provided a masculine impact, the film trailer nicely features the bloodied-and-muddied duo of Saif and Katrina, in the cycle of their challenging objective.

The film that has been taken in Lebanon, Syria, UK, North America and India (phew!) has traces on writer S. Hussain Zaidi’s novel, ‘Mumbai Avengers.’ (Zaidi also has composing attributes for Phantom).

This trailer has all the traces of spy thriller, extremist in terms of patriot, action and violence and it is somewhat similar to how America executed Osama. 


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