Foreigners Response : Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali? Watch Foreigners Video

A South Indian film that is shattering the box office worldwide has become the reason of hilarity for the scene where Baahubali is killed.

  • Agreed that we loved the movie but the question on why Katappa killed Baahubali has been trolled, made jokes about and the answers are ridiculous. But, foreigners giving ridiculous answers without even watching the movie have had us laughing ever since we have watched a video.
  • A Youtube channel that is very popular and run by Rickshawali uploaded a video where she is asking the people of Rome on why do they think Baahubali was killed. The answers provided by them are beyond funny and will leave you cracking up.
  • Assuming that the people who were asked about the scene don't know what 'Baahubali' is, the responses are humorously wild.
  • Some answers are bizarre like a man said “He ate bad pasta and bad pasta killed him” while another guy replied that Baahubali had stepped on someone's sneakers because sneakers are so important and stepping on them is a serious offence.
  • A passerby when asked why Baahubali was killed replied in Hindi that “Uske Toothpaste mein namak tha”. Now that's what we call a true Bollywood fan who doesn't know about the movie but replies in Hindi referring to an advertisement.
  • Baahubali is the most expensive film of Bollywood and it grossed 850 million within two weeks after its release.
  • Watch the video yourself and we are sure you won't stop laughing. Sit back and Enjoy!

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