Best Medicine for Laughter:Bollywood Celebrities and their Impossible Tasks

With Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible 5” hitting the theaters, we take this opportunity to share with you some impossible tasks that our Bollywood superstars need to achieve to come out of their comfort zone. LOL and enjoy!!! 

Salman Getting Married

1. Salman Khan :

He can be called as the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood today. Now, getting married is proving to be a task that is next to impossible for this Bhaijaan. What an irony!!!

Sunny Leone

2.Sunny Leone :

Now imagine Sunny Leone doing a Rajshri production film. Nothing can be more hilarious than this. Don’t know it might break all the past Rajshri film records at the box office.



3. Shah Rukh Khan :

 The King Khan is known to be a chain smoker and despite all efforts he is not able to quit. He might quit it for a role in MI: 6.

Aamir Khan

4. Aamir Khan :

 Don’t worry and be happy. Live up to your title “The Perfectionist Khan” as you can do no wrong.

Ranbir Kapoor

5. Ranbir Kapoor :

 All his hits have been coincidentally with Deepika Padukone, hey Ranbir please find someone else as well may be Katrina??


6. Anushka Sharma :

 Please make an official statement beautiful lady, or keep answering questions regarding Virat ; your choice baby!!!


Ajay Devgan

7. Ajay Devgan :

 Don’t worry Ajay; you have Sunny Deol for company!!


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