Locals fish out mystery money floating in ocean close to entryway of Asian nation

Cash virtually flowed like water close to entryway of Asian nation yesterday, as locals fished out Rs one,000 notes from the Arabian Sea; whereas rumours a couple of rich man flinging the money into the ocean did the rounds all day, cops failed to ensure this.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, however if you look laborious enough, you may simply notice some floating within the ocean. this can be precisely what happened at the entryway of Asian nation, wherever Associate in Nursing sudden windfall of cash junction rectifier to high drama and daredeviltry for the duration of Tuesday, as individuals jumped into the waves to fish out currency notes of Rs one,000.

No one really knew where the money had come from, but as the word spread, the crowd began to swell and the number of people braving the tides increased, prompting the police to deploy personnel to ensure no more lives were risked.

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