Made 43000 Crore From Nothing- Must Read Success story of a Man

  • The motivational stories of battle against chances, unfathomable battle and unprecedented achievement are constantly prominent. In any case, couple of stories make the space that can not be involved by others. Couple of stories get to be motivation for eras. 
  • Facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg was the child of an upper-working class dental practitioner. Bill Gates was a mogul before he began Microsoft in 1975. Google originator Larry Page's guardians were both teachers; Google fellow benefactor Sergey Brin's dad was an educator and his mom was a NASA specialist. In any case, the man we are discussing is the main child of a development worker. 
  • The tale of 39 year old Jan Koum(as of 2015), is motivation for the present era on web business visionaries. A man who did not have boiling point water office at his home, the man who cleaned the floors of a market at 16 years old, the man who remained in the que for gathering sustenance stamps, is currently a Silicon Valley badshah.

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