PM  Modi's Make In India Danka in UAE

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now towards going towards west Asia fro his Make In India initiative.  The Prime Minister of India is on mission to increase the investment from all possible places it can grab. The real importance of the UAE for India lies in its mind-boggling investment of wealthy investors who in turn should take interest in India. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is currently camping in Abu Dhabi , the prime minister currently has wealth fund of $800 billion in his bag which is still to be used. Mr Modi is  also looking for investment of around $ 700 billion. If we do the math for the sum we have around $1.3 trillion funds in our bag just to used. Their are not many countries in the world that can boast about this amount , it is Mr Modi's  magic around the globe that we see India as Shinning land for Investment.

PM Modi is also going to make a speech at a cricket stadium where the PM will talk at 9 pm IST tonight the stadium will can hold 40,000 people and has been themed as "Marhaba (welcome) NaMo". The Organizers further added that around 15,000 people will be seated outside with food stalls, DJs and video walls where the speech will be broadcasted for people to watch. PM Modi also visited a mosque sending out message to other Arab Nations in the west. 

Mr. Modi who is also looking to learn from UAE about their development in real estate. The country which has amazed the world with it's amazing architectural work and the maintenance it has made one of the finest cities in the world. 

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