10 #ModiInDubai Memes That Shouldn't Exist 

So Prime Minister Narendra Modi strolled into the United Arab Emirates and a considerable measure of things happened. Other than being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Emirati soil in 34 years, Mr. Modi likewise connected with the Indian exiles living in labor camps — a first motion of its kind. What's more, obviously, there were chats on speculations and vitality and a last address in a cricket stadium that hit the ball out of the recreation center. In any case, the Internet does not live for such snippets of universal strategy. To the Internet, no occasion is an occasion till it's shareable with a solitary delegate picture. No minute is commendable in the event that it's not image commendable. 

And after that, there was one such minute. 

At the point when the Prime Minister met the Crown Prince of UAE, HH Sheik Mohamed receptacle Zayed Al Nahyan, They embraced like world pioneers do. Now and then. It was as discretionary as conciliatory signals can get. 

Or somewhere in the vicinity they thought. 

Indeed, even as the web went wild, we thought we'll set up some loathsome images ourselves. You know, as a gesture to what individuals *shouldn't* surmise from this totally guiltless snippet of strategy that can't be misjudged in at any rate. Things like.

This bad pun.

 This Aladdin reference.

This stereotype.

This distortion of the exchange talks.

This switcheroo of geopolitical landscapes.

This random Taher Shah lyric.

This currency joke that should be exchanged.

This... whatever this is.

This violation of human rights.

This dilution of international relations

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