15 Highlights From PM Narendra Modi's Dubai Speech 

PM Narendra Modi on Monday improved the enchantment of US's Madison Sqaure as he tended to a vast social event at Dubai's cricket stadium. Here are a portion of the key highlights of his discourse. 

1. Today in Dubai I am seeing a smaller than expected India 

2. The way the world is seeing India has changed. What's more, what is the reason - the reason is the 125 crore individuals of India 

3. Great Taliban, Bad Taliban ... Great Terror, Bad Terror ... this wont work. A choice must be brought are you with terrorism or with humankind 

4. India is a nation brimming with circumstances with 65 for each penny of populace underneath the age of 35 

5. Joint explanation between India, UAE is an in number message against terrorism. 

6. The individuals who enjoy fear must be rebuffed and this is the message that has reverberated from here today 

7. Time has aimed to get an unequivocal battle against terrorism 

8. World needs to choose whether they are with those supporting terrorism or against it. 

9. Our exertion has been to take India to new statures of advancement and keep up an in number fellowship with our neighboring nations 

10. You are those individuals who have buckled down and are working here for a long time. In the meantime you are upgrading India's pride 

11. The pretended by those working in the Gulf, who reacted to Atalji's call for help when world put sanctions against us after atomic tests, was model 

12. Such a large number of flights arrive in the middle of India and UAE however it took 34 years for a PM to visit this country 

13. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world have come here to Dubai 

14. Individuals from Kerala arrive in extensive numbers. Furthermore, I am uniquely discussing them because of the New Year celebration today 

15. Dubai is no more a smaller than normal India. It has now turned into a smaller than normal world Dubai is no more a scaled down India. It has now turned into a smaller than usual world.

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