SRK, Aamir, Salman want a powerful script to work together

SRK will turn 50 by November 2nd but he still keeps up with the same energy level and his future movies are on the queue like Dilwale, Raees and Fan. Recently we got a news that all the three Khans of Bollywood Salman, SRK and Aamir Khan want to act together in the movie ghost riders and here is what King Khan answers for some of the interview questions


He says that he never looks back his start of career and what all he has been through and may be at the time of his curtain closes there are few things which he wants to mention for his sons to know about and it seems he has already written an autobiography but there are few points which clouds him when he chooses to end the book and he is planning to publish it when he turns 50 at least for his children


He would love to do a combined movie with Aamir and Salman Khan provided if such a great script with equal importance is provided for them along with three heroines and three villains if possible. And there is also a plan about shooting or remaking the 1994 film ghost busters  as it demanded equal scripts and importance


And he says that it is difficult to work on multiple projects at the same time and therefore his advice for new actors or including his sons is that they should focus on one project at a time

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