Why SRK is the Baadshah of Bollywood Cinema?

Shahrukh Khan or King Khan is one of the most talented and amazing actor and he is a wonderful human being. Humor is his cup of tea and he is the best entertainer of this era. He is truly an actor as he can make you smile, cry, laugh etc

    Shahrukh Khan's straight forwardness

 A quick witted answer to the reporter

  An intelligent answer for the question regarding his bisexuality

  An indirect but still a wonderfully reply about his payment

  He is very much passionate about acting

    His integrity, unity in diversity is marvelous

    He never gets stressed and answers question coolly

He would like you to spend time with him if you want to know whether he is a gay

    Arrogant man to edge his ego out takes a trip to U.S.

         His funny reply for his relationship with Salman Khan      

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