5 celebrity’s looks; if they were common people

There are many people out there in the IT industry who are unable to bear the pressure and stress and thus still survive in the industry to earn money. Now here out of creative imagination here are some of the bollywood actors who if worked in an IT environment, how would they look like?

Salman Khan

If he worked in an IT industry then he would like this and no one will call him. Sallu bhai, many will call Sallu chacha

John Abraham

Thank God you didn't become an IT professional; because this look doesn't suit you.

Aamir Khan

Here Aamir Khan looks like a professor in this photo and suits his age.

Katrina Kaif

Haha! Look at Katrina she looks like a Bank Manager or some aunty or an English teacher.

Ranbir Kapoor

He some what looks like Gangadhar character of Shaktimaan.

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