Things that Couples Do Before and After Marriage

Way back when people were unaware of live-in relationships, marriage meant that they had to take a new name, new family and a new responsibility. However, even now things have not changed much. Right before getting married people say from 'yes, we are having fun' to 'make it work, no matter what it takes'. The truth is even if you are in a live-in relationship at one point of time and when you get married and even if it is the same person you got married to, things are bound to change. Lets see what exactly changes.

Sex Life

Often before marriage it is adventurous to have a wild sex life but after marriage the couple starts caring for each other. It is not about only sex anymore. The cuddles, having coffee together in the morning and everything else counts. Though the fact that the texts you send each other are no more about love making or sex but often about the thought that you are thinking about her and not in an intimate way.

Your place in the world.

People perceive you differently when you get married. A lot of married couple say that they get a certain level of respect now in the society than how they used to be treated before getting married.

Sense of Commitment

While dating your relationship status is kryptonite but when you are married you are bound to be committed. Couple however say that they get a new source of strength because of the commitment. After knowing that the foundation is solid, they take up the challenges and get the courage to face it together.


Merging your accounts and fighting about who spends how much on themselves is a hassle but also surprisingly intimate. There comes a time when both the partners come together and manage the accounts and financial expenses. This gives them a freedom and satisfaction that they are actively involved in the relationship unlike dating where only the guy should spend on the girl or the girl should keep a tab on her expenses.

Way you see yourself

Marriage gives you a different identity but in the process you also come to know who you are at the inside. There is a sense of security that surrounds you after marriage which is overseen before marriage.

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