Why is Anushka Sharma quite deserving actress for awards?

Who realized that a common looking lady with no Godfather in the movie market would take Bollywood by surprise with just her first movie and proceed the heritage for many more to come? Anushka Sharma has always satisfied the viewers with every movie she’s done and with the latest ‘NH10’, she has overwritten the toughest of critics! What is it that creates Anushka Sharma the amazing actor she is? Here are a few exciting factors Anushka Sharma lately exposed in the second show of Look Who’s Discussing With Niranjan  Season 2.

1)    She is not manipulative and she doesn’t plan for her life and for her decision, she just likes to accept her life as it comes to her and she believes in her intuitions which is always in favor of her

2)    She never dreamed about being a celebrity due to the fear of unknown and bad Cinematic world. But she got better trade winds on her side

3)    She prepared well for her first movie Rab ne Bana di Jodi and she accepted the challenge to overwrite those who criticized Aditya Chopra from casting her. She keenly observed the script for 3 months everyday

4)    That is why she broke out due to her emotional out burst when she lost her film fare debut award to asin

5)    She finds it interesting to work with Katrina Kaif and she says that she is best person to work with in the industry without any head weights and a friendly nature girl.   

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