When a hand sprang out from the Car driver's Heart!!

Driving cars in big cities is a common thing. People often ask for lift in such cities when they see a car coming their way and when they have no means of transportation. There is a video which has gone viral on the internet where a hand filled with blood suddenly pops out from a man's heart who is driving the car and when seen further it becomes clear that it is nothing but just a prank. After watching the video we are not sure if any one from you will ever ask for a lift.

The video shows a man driving his car on the road. Suddenly he notices a guy who asks for a lift which he agrees. After driving for sometime, the man suddenly feels some pain in his chest and a hand springs out from his chest. What's more horrific is the fact that the hand is covered in blood. The hand then turns towards the guy who asked for the lift sitting in the passenger's seat. The poor guy is shocked and scared at the same time. After a while a third man comes out from hiding behind the driver's seat and that's when we know that it is just some prank.

The same prank is pulled up on many people and their expressions are hilarious. We enjoyed the video and so we are writing and sharing the same in this column. Do sit back and enjoy, we are sure it will have you cracking up in the end.

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