Rakhi Sawant wants Sunny Leone either covered or out of India

Celebrity Rakhi Sawant, who was lately identified at a meeting in Mumbai, said that Sunny Leone should be prohibited in India as her work encourages individuals gradually resulting in unpleasant occurrences such as sexual assault.

"On one side, she is doing ads released in community attention and on the other she is doing attractive music which is diverting the mentality of the men in a wrong way. Eventually, these individuals engage in indecent activities with ladies," the 36-year-old actress said,

She further said that Sunny Leone should be permitted to perform in Indian movies only when she is completely dressed.

Her statement reveals that although the actress is supporting social causes and other stuffs for humanity the way she acts in the movie is provocative for the men to feed their devil’s room however mentally strong a man may be he will fall for such indecent activities against women 

Most don’t step forward since they are afraid of consequences but still they have bad stuffs in their mind. And the source of all these activities is by watching Sunny Leone in a seductive way and that is what Rakhi Sawant means

But how will the mob react? Will they accept Sunny Leone in a traditional dress? In saree? Or in  a salwar? Will they still enjoy watching her in that way?   

But actually the right way is it depends on the mentality of the public whether Sunny Leone is banned or not it depends on the people they can choose to see some other videos and quench their thirst. How matured and how strong people are depends on them and not Sunny Leone or someone else.

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