6 Shocking Truths About Sunny Leone

Here are six shocking truths of adult porn star Sunny Leone, that will take you by surprise. Make your day by reading these and update your information about her.


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Once upon a time she was associated with Mr. Matt Erikson who was supposed to be the VP of Playboy magazine. However, the engagement did not work out and later she got married to Daniel Weber.


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In a confession Sunny agreed that she decided to enter the porn industry after she won the title for Penthouse. She posed as a cover girl for the same. Sunny had conveyed this decision to her parents.


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Her birth name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra and belongs to a typical Punjabi family. She was fond of watching Hindi films and her favorite actor was none other than the perfectionist Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan's “Dil” is her favorite film. Here is her childhood photo. Doesn't she look cute?


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Sunny Leone came to know that she is bisexually inclined, once she became 18 years old.


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An interesting fact about her is that she doesn't choose any of the scripts offered to her without the consent of her husband Daniel Weber. He first goes through the script before giving a nod. Sunny Leone speaks about her equation with her husband.


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Her first job was at a German Bakery eatery store. Later she turned to the porn industry and now she has ventured into Bollywood. Sunny Leone has had a long and successful journey till now and her future looks bright as well!        

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