Want a body like Sunny Leone? Get her Fitness DVD Now

Actress Sunny Leone is not only famous for her sexy looks but also for her super hot figure. The star is aware of the fact that she is loved for her fit figure as well. This is the reason why Sunny Leone launched her first fitness DVD titled 'Super hot Sunny Mornings' at Malad Inorbit Atrium today that is 14th September. The DVD has been designed by Mickey Mehra along with Sunny Leone to share the secrets of Sunny's fabulous body. Sunny was seen wearing a blue dress at the launch and she was looking beautiful in the dress.

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In her fitness DVD Sunny will disclose some techniques used to keep the body in perfect shape. The DVD will feature the hot sultry actress doing various workout sessions. The video contains mostly basic workouts that do not require any gym equipment that will help you get that healthy and toned body. It is obvious that Sunny has kept herself in perfect shape till date. 

Reportedly Sunny Leone has finally said goodbye to the porn industry and is looking forward to better career opportunities in Bollywood industry. Apparently Sunny is also trying her luck in production and has come out with a production house with her husband Daniel Weber. The first film of this production will be a superhero film but Sunny will not be playing the character of the superwoman.

Sunny said that they are working with the designers and cartoonists to get the look right for the movie. We wish her all the luck for her DVD as well as for the producer's hat that she will be donning soon.

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