Are Salman Khan's Abs Fake?

The Bollywood super star Salman Khan who had started the trend of shirtless body shows in the movies has now gone haywire because of the news that his Abs are fake and recreated by Animation. Reportedly the company called as VCL Tata production which had been given the responsibility for giving fake Abs to Salman Khan.

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Salman Khan who has been called the king of Bodybuilding for his amazing body and Fitness had inspired the generation of stars for having a good body. Recently after the revelation the fans of Salman Khan got angry over it and started demanding an explanation from the star. Salman who has flaunted his shirtless body in all the movies he has done so far showing his amazing body but what if all his body muscles were fake. What if we say that Salman uses special effects to change his body shapes and print abs onto it.

Sallu Bhai who has been an inspiration for many of his fans those who enter bodybuilding arena just by looking at Superstars body. The fans of the superstar took on the social networking site asking Salman to show his real body to all his fans. The fans have now started a campaign which has now initiated the process of posting various pictures of Salman Khan showing his Six Pack abs. Maybe the Sallu bhai can go in gym and have a good time to workout. Salman's recent release Sultan where he plays the role of bodybuilder can be a good movie to show his abs.

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