Interesting Facts about Narendra Modi


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is the hope of Indian development. Only time will tell if he will be successful in providing good governance and high development that he had promised. However, there is no doubt that he is one of the most magnetic leader of the nation. His speeches command respect and he is known to be a quick decision maker. There are very interesting facts about our Prime Minister that we would be discussing in this article.


  1. Narendra Modi loves writing poems and he also has an interest in photography. He had also held an exhibition where his photographs were showcased.

  2. Modi is fond of Hindutva philosophy. When he was a teenager he went to Himalayas alone and stayed there for 2 years and learned the philosophy of Hindutva.

  3. Narendra Modi doesn't drink or smoke. He is a complete vegetarian.

  4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a three month course on public relations and image management in US and this may also be the reason that he is the most popular politician of the world.

  5. Modi is a cleanliness freak. He likes keeping his desk, home and work environment clean and tidy.

  6. Modi does not have a best friend. He is a loner and likes spending time reading books or surfing the internet. He has a child-like enthusiasm when it comes to using technology.

  7. Narendra Modi is also known for his style statement. He has a thing for his clothes which are all of the same brand named Jade Blue. It is an Ahmedabad based textile industry. He also loves wrist watches and sandals.

  8. Modi sleeps for only 5 hours and wakes up at 5.30 in the morning, no matter at what time he went to bed.

  9. He was known to be a patriot since childhood. He volunteered at the station during the Indo-Pak war in 1965. He also helped people who were affected by the floods in Gujarat in 1967.

  10. Modi was projected as the Prime Minister by USA in the year 2006.

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