Obama Supports Muslim Teen Arrested for Making a Clock

A Texas high school student -- who wants to be an engineer -- is arrested Monday and then on Wednesday gets invitations to The White House and to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


A 14 year old Muslim boy in US was arrested for carrying a homemade clock to school. The teacher was terrified as it looked like an explosive device further creating an outrage.


Ahmed Mohamed is a grade ninth student who was arrested by the cops on Monday after getting a homemade clock to MacArthur High school to demonstrate his teachers. Even after Ahmed claimed that the product was just a harmless clock, local cops and teachers did not budge and thought that the innovation was either a threat or developed as a hoax bomb.


Ahmed Mohamed from Irving in Texas used to make his own radios and repaired his own go-kart. He had hoped to impress his teachers when he brought his homemade clock to show it to his engineering teacher. Ahmed was quoted saying that the teacher had really liked the clock but asked him not to show it to any other teacher. However an alarm beeped in the middle of a class and he removed the clock again from his bag and showed it to his teacher. He was took out of the class in the 6th period and led to a room where he was questioned for two hours. He was then taken to the juvenile detention center.


From Barrack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg everyone has come out in support of Ahmed Mohamed. President Obama called it a cool clock with further adding that we should inspire more kids like Ahmed to like science. Mark Zuckerberg invited Ahmed to his Facebook office if he ever wanted to visit it.


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