What Do Guys Check Out in Girls Before Marriage?

Be it arranged marriage or love marriage, both guys and girls look for some qualities in their would be life partner before making the final choice. Girls have a different perspective to look at it while guys see it differently. Let's take a sneak peek into the guy's perspective.

Guys may or may not say it, but the true thing is that the first criteria to make a choice of a life partner is the physical appearance of her. This is what attracts them to a girl, at least initially.

Now a days guys preferably opt for those girls who are working and earning quite well. This was not a case few years ago, when home makers would do. This might be due to the ever increasing inflation rates that make it difficult to let both ends meet, and hence both the partners have no choice but to earn a living for the family.

Other things that a guy would look in a girl before marriage would be her family background, some go for a character check that includes investigating her past relationships and break ups. Then they go for the girl's nature and habits, which in fact is the most important attribute and actually should be considered initially itself.

Men should think twice before setting their criteria for a life partner. Thinking practically is also important. They need to find the pros and cons in themselves first, before expecting it from their spouse or would be spouse.

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