Breaking News! 60,000 Engineering Seats to Be Cut in India

The technical education governing body AICTE, better known as 'All India Council for Technical Education' has made a decision to reduce almost 60,000 seats in Engineering colleges across India.
After being questioned as to why such a decision was taken, the concerned officials said that it was a conscious decision, taken to maintain the quality of the education being provided to the students and to tackle the issue of large number of vacant seats.

The seats will be reduced for the Under Graduate students. It accounts to 40% of the total seats which promises to be quite a large number. AICTE has also said that it will close down some schools and also put restrictions on the number of admissions taking place.

The problem came into picture when the recruitment companies hiring engineering students from campus interviews complained about the degrading quality of students in terms of the skills. Survey said that apart from the reputed colleges like IITs etc. the quality of education and the infrastructure is not up to the mark in many of the colleges. The faculty is also a problem.

The lack of quality has also led to rise in unemployment of the engineering graduates. In the year 2011, only 17.5% of the engineering graduates got employed. That is too low a percentage if the number of graduates passing out every year is concerned.

The demand and supply equation is also imbalanced with the number of students passing out being more than the number of jobs available in the market. 

Seems to be a good decision taking into consideration the current issues faced. Hopefully, the results will be fruitful for the students. 

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