4 duty bound encounter specialist to know about

1) Ravindra Angre
Safe to say, Angre was the one who single-handedly damaged an organized mob in Thane. Terrorists terrifying Angre so much so that Suresh Manchekar (a terrifying extortionist) disbanded his group and left but Angre gradually gunned him down. Upon in contact with 50 destroys, Angre had celebration party for his 50 killings.

2) Late Vijay Salaskar 
An archrival of the Arun Gawli group (one of the most terrifying gangs of Mumbai) Salaskar was a headache for scammers. Salaskar gunned down as many as 90 terrorists in 25 years of his service. Salaskar was assassinated by Ajmal Kasab during the Mumbai attack, on 26 Nov 2008.  He was designed with Ashoka Chakra after his death.

3) Daya Nayak
Probably the most well-known of all, Nayak’s lifestyle motivated films like ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’ by Shimit Amin and N Chandra's ‘Kagaar’. Another Bollywood expression of Nayak’s lifestyle was by Sanjay Dutt in the film ‘Department’. Daya was so effective at what he did that by 2007, he had made over 300 busts and murdered over 83 gangsters. Although he is extremely terrifying, he has voiced about his hate for his identification as an experience professional, and has only bogged down  the kill spree on the search of now ex-deputy primary reverend R. R. Patil. In 1997, Nayak was taken twice in a effective experience with the Chotta Rajan’s group associates.

4)   Sachin Hindurao Waze
With modest origins in the Mumbai Cops, Vaze was important for serenity maintaining in the Islamic greater aspect place of Mumbra in Mumbai. Vaze gunned down as many as 63 scammers such as Munna Nepali, Krishna Shetty, and other horrible Lashker-e-taiba terrorists. It was Vaze with his then-mentor Pradeep Sharma (number 1 on this list) who led the Mumbai Anti-Extortion Cell’s first ever experience.  He was also accountable for Asia’s first police arrest of bank cards scamsters in 1997. He resigned and is now a aspect of the Shiva Sena.

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