5 best days of your life: where you become VIP

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We all have hated the VIP culture and India has been the center when it comes to VIP culture following. But there are some days in our life when we are needed to be treated as VIP in front of everyone.
1. First day of School
It is one of the most special day in the life of toddler. The day when he steps out of the shadow of his parents. This is the most important day in the life of children.

2. Your 18th Birthday
 The day you can call yourself as the independent human begin. This is some of the best time of the youth's life where we can do anything as we wish. Though some responsibilities do come on our shoulders for becoming an responsible citizen.

3. Graduation Day
It is one of the best day of your life and also the worst where you are stepping into the world of competition. The life of enjoyment and studying is over.

4. When you get your first job
You can never be too happy than the day you have got your first job and you are flying between the clouds.

5. The day you buy your first car
First car is always the first car no matter how low the price tag maybe no matter how uncool it looked. Your first car is always the best feeling you can get.

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