Angry bird comes back in the form of a movie

One of the most interesting and mind blowing games of all the times and the movie Angry Bird's trailer is out. Red being the main character of the movie and is voiced by Jason Sudeikis and the character is well known for its short temper and is thus named for the film angry bird. The maker of the game Rovio has a god start with the movie in the name of bringing back the lost popularity.

Angry Birds is the red-hot iPhone app of when. It’s basically a one-in-a-million feeling. Your buddies can’t quit playing it. The world’s edgiest comics can’t quit referencing it – and now it’s going to the big screen!

Also existing, three attractive birds. At least it can be believed they’re expected to be attractive. It can be given just a prediction a dreadful quantity of sex-related accessibility onto three relatively gender-free carton birds. Not this week, Heritage. Don’t do this while unclear almost-bestiality is such a hot-button issue. Get it together.

Yle was among a gaggle of press associates welcomed to the London testing of the movie trailer for Rovio's feature-length Upset Parrots movie to be launched next springtime. The venture comes at a time when the Finnish game playing organization has seen better times. In Aug the organization declared that it would have to retrench about one-third of its employees in the experience of dropping earnings.

In the unique circumstances the financial commitment of nearly 100 thousand dollars doesn’t seem the same as it did two years when the venture was first launched.

Since then Rovio has fought with rapidly declining earnings triggered in part by the release of in-app buys and a decrease in revenue of its wide range of Angry bird products.

And now it can be expected that the movie can rebuild the revenue for the lost popularity if the game.

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