Stampede at Hajj cost the Lives of more Than 200 People

During the last rituals of the Hajj season, stampede took place claiming the lives of more than 200 people and leaving 450 people injured and wounded. The stampede occurred during the ritual which is known as 'stoning the devil' in the Mina city which is located at the outskirts of the holy city of Mecca.

There have been several reports that the same incidence has taken place during this ritual and hundreds of people have been killed in the past years.

The Interior Ministry spokesperson has confirmed that a stampede accident has taken place in Mina and the civil defense is looking into it. Speaking further he said that the incident took place between on a street between two pilgrim camps. Officials have also positioned 4000 workers and 200 ambulances along with various other vehicles to Mina to help them with the disaster. Some two million people are taking part in this year's Hajj pilgrimage that began on Tuesday.

In the 'stoning the devil' ritual, crowd of pilgrims throw stones at three support pillars, in a re-enactment of an event when Prophet Abraham stoned the devil and refused his cravings, according to Muslim customs.

This ceremony has also been the scene where stampedes have taken place in the 1980s and 1990s. The worst Hajj-related tragedy occurred in 1990 which claimed the lives of 1,426 people who visited the Hajj ceremony in a stampede. The stampede at that time had occurred in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel which was leading to holy sites in Mecca.

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