10 Things Guys Hate About Girls

Breakups are painful but breakups over silly things can give you a massive heartbreak. Girls you should keep in mind some things that guys do not like about you. Sure you need not go out of your way to make things work out if he is not willing to give you a chance, you can always act a little more responsibly. We list down the 10 things that guys hate about girls and tend to run in the opposite direction. So ladies, go through the list and guys, sit back and agree with them.

1. Guys hate it when girls are moody. One moment they are all happy and minutes later they get all cranky. Guys hate mood swings.

2. Some girls think that it is impossible to survive without a boyfriend when they have been living for so many years without one. So get some self love and show it to the guys around you.

3. Well this is impossible for a girl to change about themselves but guys hate it when girls talk too much.

4. Guys hate it when girls get annoyed on being called names and can't stop complaining about it. We get it nobody likes being called names but its just a word and it does not describe you.

5. Guys hate it when girls randomly scream and scare them off running to the opposite direction. So the next time try to hold in your excitement.

6. Girls are upset and they hold their feelings in which irks the guys to know end. Come on girls, guys are no mind readers so cut them some slack and tell them what's wrong already.

7. Guys hate it when girls use the excuse of being a girl for getting better treatment when on one head they are against sexism. We thought girls like equality.

8. No guy wants to go out with a fake barbie doll, so get ready with minimal make up because guys get irritated when girls take forever to get ready.

9. How much ever cheesy it may sound but guys like the way you are and they hate it when girls change the way they look, be it a haircut or something else.

10. Guys hate it when girls talk bad about themselves because they hate self loathing so think you are beautiful and he will believe you too.

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