PM Narendra Modi Disrespects Tricolour and Sparks Controversy

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When you are a national leader it is your responsibility to respect your country as well as set an example for others to do the same. When you are in other country your responsibility increases. We are talking about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has sparked a controversy by disrespecting our National flag.

On Friday when Prime Minister Narendra Modi autographed an Indian flag to be gifted to US President Barack Obama by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna it evoked sharp reactions. The government has however insisted that it was not the tricolour on which the Prime Minister has autographed.

There were reactions and social media was overflowing with reports of how Narendra Modi had signed on the tricolour which Vikas Khanna had said that he will hand it over to US President Obama. Vikas Khanna had prepared the menu for Fortune 500 CEOs and PM Modi's dinner on Thursday. The chef also proudly displayed the signed cloth to the media.

Government spokesperson has however denied that the Prime Minister has signed on the tricolour and said that no confiscation had taken place. Frank Noronha further added that the piece of cloth was a handicraft which did not include white colour and neither a wheel. The work of handicraft was prepared by the physically challenged daughter of the chef with her toe. Modi was empathetic when Khanna and his family requested him to autograph on that cloth.

The Indian Flag Code, 2002, states that putting any kind of inscription upon the Indian national flag will be treated as disrespect to the flag. It also states that lettering of any kind shall not be allowed on the tricolor. The virtual world has taken the matter in their hands fast and with rage.

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