Free Wifi at 500 stations in India by google

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Google will work along with Indian Railways to give WiFi free at more than 500 stations by one year from now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the decision  today as the PM went to visit the net giant. 

Modi, who took a tour through the Google headquarters looking at the most recent technology and went forward inquiring about the new technology. The Google also gave a presentation of Google Earth in which the ghats of  Varanasi have appeared. 

He acknowledged and urged Google to create Apps which could advantage the basic man as he took part in Hackathon under which its developers sit for 15 hours in a row to develop  Apps which can be utilized  in India. 

Making a brief conversation with Google employees , a large portion of who are Indians, Modi declared that "Indian Railways and Google will team up to give wi-fi at 500 railroad stations in India." 


Prior to this, India-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the web surfing  monster will give rapid web profile at more than 100 railway stations in India at first and after that it will extend it upto 400 more by one year from now. 


The Google CEO who used to from Chennai to Kharagpur during his college days, Pichai also added that 25 million individuals every day travel using Indian Railway and  which also include 7500 stations. 


Mr Modi was also given the tour of the Project Iris, brilliant lens that measure glucose levels. Before leaving Google, Modi has also taken photograph with  top authorities of the company.


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