5 Reasons Why Girls Friend-zone the Good Guys

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So, you have been pining for a girl and trying to impress her with your good nature and generosity. Well, you will be surprised if the girl tries to remain just friends with you. Girls usually go out with douchebags and you really cannot blame her. So if you are playing the nice guy we give you 9 reasons why you will be placed in the friend-zone.

1. You are always available

If you are always available for her she will not even appreciate it anymore. She will take you for granted because there is no chase involved.

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2. You are a part of her girl gang

Being someone's confidante is okay but listening to every tiny issue of her life and stepping up for her feelings is a different thing.

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3. You try too hard to please her

In fact you go out of your way to please her. If you agree to her for everything just for her sake then don't be surprised if she treats you like a doormat.

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4. You think being nice to her will get her to like you

You are wrong, she will rather be with someone who is not seeking her or impressing her for her attention. Be more than a kind person because she doesn't want you to be nice.

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5. You give her the benefit of doubt

Once she knows you are okay with her being unreasonable she will start taking advantage of it. That's natural human nature.

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