J&K MLA Trashed Inside Assembly For Throwing a Beef Party

A day after J&K Legislator Engineer, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, had hosted a beef party in Srinagar, BJP MLAs assaulted him in the assembly. Rashid was then rescued by several opposition leaders of Congress and National Conference after he was attacked.

The MLA from Langate had hosted a beef party on Wednesday in the lawns of the MLA hostel. Rashid served the guests with various beef items like beef kebabs, ristas or meatballs and beef patties. Rashid had also said on Wednesday that no one can stop us from having what we want to have, neither a court nor an institution.

The legislator said in addition that his intention wasn't to offend anyone but he wanted to convey a clear message that it hardly makes any difference whether you accept or reject the bill. Religious matters are not bound to be kept docile to courts and assembly.

Former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah categorized the whole incident as that of Dadri style. He further added that had they not rescued him you would have killed him, addressing BJP members.

When the house assembled on Thursday morning a group of BJP legislators which is said to be led by Ravinder Raina jumped on Rashid inside the house. The opposition members immediately came to the rescue of Rashid and took him to safety. 

There are many such religious organizations that are against the beef ban in the state and say that it was uncalled for. Many have taken to social media to oppose the ban and also there are people who support the #beefparty while some are talking against it. Some of them have demanded a liquor ban in the state which is been argued about in the Supreme Court.

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