OMG!!Shocking Reaction Girlfriend caught Boyfriend Cheating

Have you ever been caught while you are cheating on your girlfriend? This video made by PrankBaaz-Bach ke Rehna re Baba in which a boy acts like a girl and texts a guy who is with his girlfriend. This video shows how we can easily trick a girl to make her believe that your girlfriend is cheating.

A Girl and Boy enter a room after which he goes to washroom, leaving the girl alone on who the prank is to be played. But suddenly a message pops up “Miss u Janu”.  Now the girl gets a bit suspicious as who is texting her boyfriend as Janu. The girl goes out and knocks at the door of washroom Sandy come out fast. The continuous shouting does bring him out.  

The girl really looks pissed asking the boy what the hell is this?. The boy looks cool well he tell his girlfriend this is a text message. The girl gets really angry asking the boy who the hell is this girl? what is going on?. The boy replies well she is a mutual friend and nothing more than that please understand.

The prank really goes out of hand and nobody looks to calm to the girl down.

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